How to Disappear, hide in plain
sight, and get your life back
in less than 14 days


There are all kinds of reasons that might make you want to disappear.

Maybe it’s a stalker.  Maybe you’re being hounded by collection agencies or skip tracers.  Maybe you have a domestic violence situation.  Or maybe you just want more privacy and protection from identity thieves.

Whatever your situation, there are concrete things you can do to protect yourself.  You can disappear in a variety of ways.  And you can choose to reappear whenever your situation has improved.  Or not.  It’s all up to you.

When I “disappeared”, it was because I had been in a bad car accident, couldn’t work, lost my house, and couldn’t pay my bills.  Some of the unpaid bills brought the credit agency hounds who called at all hours of the day and night.

But what kept me up at night was the thought of losing my car.  Without a car, I wouldn’t be able to find a job, get groceries, or even get around.  I couldn’t lose my car.

Maybe you can relate.

On top of that, I had a particularly vindictive stalker who was intent on making my life hell.  She had worked for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department (in Northern California), so I couldn’t get a restraining order despite numerous attempts.  Plus, she had contacts that made it hard to live anywhere in that county without getting tracked down.

So I had to come up with a way to stay in the area without living in fear of her and her friends showing up on my doorstep.

So I was motivated to find a way to disappear and still have a life.

Maybe you’re in a similar situation

If you are – and you’re looking for an easy, step-by-step, no-fluff way to disappear and hide in plain sight, then my guide, How to Disappear NOW will make it happen for you.

I’ve painstakingly put together a guide that shows everything you need to do and consider so that you can stay out of the sights of debt collectors, skip tracers, stalkers, ex whatevers, and anyone else who might be after you.

This book is for you if you’re worried about:

  • Being tracked down by a stalker
  • Debt collectors showing up on your doorstep
  • The repo man driving off with your car
  • Getting umpteen calls a day demanding money from people who harass and browbeat you
  • Feeling humiliated because you can’t pay your bills
  • Losing everything just because you’ve had some bad luck

If you’ve had some really bad luck in the last few years, then my guess is that you’re like me and really want:

  • The calls to stop
  • To protect your information so stalkers and others can’t find you
  • To keep your location secret so you can stay safe
  • To protect your privacy
  • To keep your car until you can make payments again
  • To feel safe and secure
  • Time to get your life back on track, and
  • Peace of mind until you’re back on your feet

Here’s what you’ll find in this book

Every possible technique you can use

For example, did you know that anyone can use an alias at any time and for any reason? As long as you’re not trying to commit fraud, it’s perfectly legal. Writers do it all the time. There’s no reason you can’t, as well.

Just taking on a couple of aliases can go a long way to helping you fade from sight and protect your sensitive information?

Everything you need to consider

There are also sections on all the things you need to consider and put in place. Especially the things most other books out there don’t cover. And things most people don’t think of – especially when they’re already stressed out.

You’ll find out how to

  • Lay a false trail
  • Deal with addresses
  • What to do with your bank account

You name it. It’s all in here.

You need to know that certain techniques were a lot easier then than they are now. Thanks to anti-terrorist restrictions, even getting a library card is a lot harder than it used to be.

But I’ve figured a way around just about everything. And it’s all in this book.

You also get access to the How to Disappear Forum

The Forum is really helpful because you get to brainstorm with others in your position. Plus, I’m personally involved in the Forum and you’ll get ideas directly from me that will help you figure out a good plan. It’s like having your own personal disappearance coach.

Member only secret information

There was information I was not allowed to include in the book when I published it on Kindle and Smashwords.  It was too revealing and they made me take it out.

While there is a little in the book, the most important information is only included in the Forum.  This includes a detailed social security number section showing you what to do and what not to do.

Free lifetime updates

Whenever I make changes to the book, you get the new version for no extra charge.

Plus, you’re grandfathered in to the Forum.  So that even when the price goes up, you never have to pay one cent more.


If you act today, you’ll not only get the introductory pricing, you will also get:

The Nutshell Guide to Dealing with Debt Collectors

This is still in the works, but you will get it at no additional cost to you when it’s finished. And, even before it’s completed, I’ll be putting sections on the Forum for you to access, so you can make use of that information sooner, rather than later.

Discounts on other products

I’m putting together a Make Money Working from Home program that you will get for a special ultra-low, not for the public, price when it’s available.

You’ll also get other materials that will help you out – some are free and others will be offered for an extra low charge (like $7) that non-members will never see

These materials include:

  • Dealing with identity theft
  • Budgeting and ways to save money
  • Letters you can use to contact your creditors once you’re back on your feet

Fast Action Checklist

You also will get a Fast Action Checklist so you won’t forget anything.  This is especially helpful when you need to disappear right now and don’t want to miss an important step.

So let’s talk about price

You could probably figure out this information on your own, but you would have to spend a lot of money to buy all the books you’d need and go through a lot of trial and error to figure out all the little details that most books don’t mention.

All of that not only costs money, it takes time.  Lots of it.

And when you buy those other books, most of them don’t include a lot of the critical information.  And other books are horribly out of date.

Even worse, most of the other books have been written by people who have never been in your shoes.

But I have.  I’ve been there and I know first-hand what it’s like.  And I know what to do.

I’ve put everything you need in this one book and Forum.

So what are you going to have to invest in order to find out How to Disappear?

You get the book with a lifetime membership to the Forum and all the bonuses and extras for only $17.

It’s a bargain any way you look at it.

If you buy all the books that say they’ll teach you how to disappear, it’s going to cost you at least $200.  And most of them won’t give you the information you actually need.

Even worse, it’s going to cost you a huge amount of time while you figure it out on your own.  If you don’t have months and months to disappear effectively, you’ll have even more problems while whoever is after you tracks you down.

And if you have collection agencies harassing you right now, you need to know what to do right now to get them to go away.

So not only will getting this book save you time, it will save you money that you would normally waste trying to figure out everything you need to know, but let’s talk about something else.

If someone offers to show you how to save 1,000 hours of your life and hundreds of dollars, would you pay them $17 for that?

More importantly

How much would it be worth to you to have peace of mind knowing that your life is finally under your control?

If I show you how to have more peace of mind and less stress, wouldn’t that be worth $17 to you?

How much is it worth to you to know that whenever you answer the phone you aren’t going to hear a collection agency on the other end?

How much is it worth to you knowing you don’t have to look over your shoulder when you get out of your car or leave your home?

How much is it worth to you to finally get your life back together without the stress of potential lawsuits, creditors, and who knows what else looming over you?

So any way you look at it, the small cost of just $17 is a bargain, isn’t it.

Why is the price so low?

Let’s face it, this should be more expensive.

And it will be

This price is only good for a limited time

Yeah, yeah, I know – you’ve heard THAT before.

But, before you close this page because you hate that kind of thing – know that this is NOT a marketing ploy.

Once I hit 50 members, the price will go up

And it’s going to keep going up until it gets to a price that reflects the real value of what you get.

However, right now I’m still adding material to the forum.  And I’m still putting together materials to give to you once you join.

I don’t think it’s fair to charge you a higher price when this is still so new and you’re going to have to wait to get the Nutshell Guide to Dealing with Debt Collectors and the other goodies.

Plus, if you’re in a similar situation to what I was in, you don’t have a huge amount of cash to waste.

On top of that, I figure that an extra low price right now will encourage you to get involved, do something about your situation, and make your life better.

If you do what I recommend and your life improves, I’m also going to ask you for a testimonial.

So right now you have the chance to get this at an introductory price.

That way, you can get in for a good price and you’ll still get all the goodies in the next month or two.

Even better, here’s my guaranty

Get this and go through it immediately.  Spend some time on the Forum.  Ask questions.

If, after 30 minutes, you don’t feel you’ve already gotten your money’s worth, I insist you contact me and I will return every penny of your purchase quietly and promptly.  No questions asked.  You only stand to gain by acting on this immediately.

Better still, take a full 30 days to go through this program, try out the Forum and begin putting these techniques in place.  If you still don’t think it’s been worth your time or money, just let me know and I’ll refund your purchase.

Consider this

I had to disappear, but managed to hide in plain sight for years until I was able to get my life back together.  So everything I tell you is based on my personal experience.

You can try to do it yourself, or you can use my knowledge and experience to help you make the decisions and take the steps you need.

Buy the PDF

You don’t need to have a Paypal account to pay via Paypal.  And your personal financial information is kept completely confidential.  I never see any of it!

Buy it for your Kindle

If you want to read it on your Kindle, you will have to buy it directly from the Amazon Kindle Store.

This option does not include the Forum or the additional goodies.  So the price is just $4.99.  However, there is a link inside the book to a special page on this site where you can purchase the Forum and get all the other goodies I told you about.  That page has the adjusted price so you don’t pay extra just because you bought it from the Kindle store.

Click here to purchase the book from Kindle

Buy it for another eBook Reader

If you have another eBook Reader, you can purchase it directly from Smashwords which carries formats for Sony, Barnes & Noble, ePub, and Apple.

Like the Kindle version, the Forum is not included, so the price is just $4.99.  There is a link inside the book to a special purchase page so you can get the Forum with the adjusted price so you don’t pay extra just because you bought it through Smashwords.

Click here to purchase the book through Smashwords

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